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rayavision's first DVD release now available! featuring the first six films in the rayavision canon.

more on this, with pictures and online ordering (kinda) coming soon, but in the meantime please contact us for details of how to get hold of the rayavision DVD for £5 all-inclusive for UK residents or for a small postage extra, overseas friends.

some reviews of the films;

"Liked the film. Enjoyed how it tells it how it is.  Don't know if you intended to foreground black people, but i noticed this and felt it was of value. I mean, black people don't always have a platform available to talk about racism and as
we all know, it ain't quite the same if white people do all the talking. Also thought it was significant that you drew attention to the importance of working class (and union) resistance. Aditionally, though, it may seem obvious but is often dangerously omitted or assumed, you pointed to the fact that the overwhelming majority of people oppose racism.  You also left things on a positive note - essential when capitalism
continues to promote ideas of the inevitability and natural order of discrimination."
   -- Linda Spence

“Its great, very well put together, and the music is good.  The way that it cuts through the whole event is very good, and i think that you get a feel of really being there from watching it. Very well edited also. Congratulations to you and lud, you both have done really well, i cant wait to see what you come up with from b&emm school.”
   -- Samantha Gordon // FBU // B&EMM national committee vice chair

"An all-too-short film that captures the sights and sounds of last October's 350,000-strong demonstration against a future war with Iraq. With equal doses of passion and frustration, a range of ordinary and extraordinary folk articulate their specific reasons for opposing any future conflict. In a world where so many are voiceless, this film allows people to speak for themselves. Raya have done an excellent job in capturing the heterogeneity of the different strands of the public who oppose military action against the war."
   -- Dr Stuart Borthwick // Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies // Liverpool John Moores University 

If you would like to commission RAYAVISION to produce a film or you know someone or an organisation that would please don't hesitate to get in touch - <>


Please contact for further details on how to order by post.

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