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'Raya is simply it's own thing and part of a new breed of nightlife events that fall between known worlds - gallery, disco, rave and installation - to make fresh ones' - Time Out

'A mega-stimulating multi-media cultural gathering of club headz from across the country' - I-D Magazine

'most important event of the week'
The Guardian, Sept 98

'a thought provoking fusion of challenging multi-media, cutting edge sounds
and dub poetry. Raya, already recognised for their innovative explorations
of multi-media'
Guest List Magazine, Sept 98

'an evening for the discerning clubber'
Evening Standard, Oct 98

'more arty farty nonsense...and guess what? We love it !'
The Guardian, Oct 98

'an intriguing start to the weekend from one of the ICA's most successful
and fashionable nights'
Hot Tickets, Jan 99

'One not to miss - Critic's Choice'
Time Out, August 2001

'Raya filled their room with such beautiful, delicious colours and images that it was quite overwhelming'
Big Chill forum, September 2002

Check the propaganda section of the site for more press quotes and articles about Raya.

Raya are a collective of film-makers, VJs, designers, visual artists & DJs,
whose critically acclaimed festival and club events and three year residency
at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London have earned them a reputation
for stimulating and innovative visuals, music and events.

Raya's poly-media approach mixes mediums and music to produce site specific work using live video mixing, projections and 3D installation in a way that is constantly evolving and always surprising. Work has included
collaboration with others interested in playing about at the boundaries of
cultures and mediums such as contemporary dancers, web artists, digital
animators and installation artists.

As well as their residency at the ICA and recent promotions at Ocean
showcasing cutting edge visual art and music Raya have:

  • VJ-ed for top hip-hop acts including the Pharcyde & Big Daddy Kane at the
    Dedbeat Weekender 2001 and 2002
  • Designed, managed the environment and vj-ed in the club tent of the Big
    Chill Enchanted Garden Festival 1999, featuring artists such as Gilles
    Peterson, Jazzanova, Mr Scruff and Tom Churchill
  • Continuing 'conscious clubbing' collaboration as video mixers / decor
    designers at the Scala club, Kings Cross at Asian Dub Foundations acclaimed RAHA nights/fund raising events (1999 - present)
  • VJs, DJs and visualisers for the anti slavery fund raiser Festival of
    Flight, Scala (Feb 2002)
  • Promoted and managed Girls Need Modems, a major three room event at the 291 Arts Club, Hackney Road featuring the cream of London's women DJs and visual artists - (2000)
  • DJ-ed at events as diverse as Whistlebump acclaimed club night (2000 - 2001), the legendary Big Chill Enchanted Garden festival (1998, 1999) and Glastonbury (2000).
  • Provide visuals at London clubs like the Scala (Female of the Species), the 333 Club (Liquid), Rhythm Factory (SoxaN / Big Chill) - (1999 - present)
  • Represented London underground club and art at a British Council showcase event in Taiwan - (March 2002)
  • Represented London underground club and art at a British Council showcase event in Poland - (Sept 2000)
  • VJ guests on Radio One Online with Pete Tong - (Nov 2001)
  • Run a bi-monthly internet radio show on Space FM - (2001)
  • Provided visuals for corporate parties for 55DSL, Tony + Guy, Open, Premier and XFM
  • Hosted a monthly 'Sunday Cinema Club' showing underground films at the Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms, London - (2000)
  • Hosted a club event / internet broadcast linked with Tokyo, Manila and
    Singapore at the ICA attended by ministers of the arts from over 25 European & Asian countries.
  • Presented lectures on the camcorder underground at Oxford University and the ICA as well as contributing a cd-rom art piece to Guest List magazine.
  • Future VJ events including the Herbaliser and Courtney Pine European Tours 2002
Raya also have a strong commitment to community-based arts and music and have contributed to DJ workshops at youth centres in Tower Hamlets, Ludlow
and Andover, including
  • Managing the soundsystem, lighting and staging at a multi-cultural community fashion show seen by over 4,000 people at the Brick Lane festival (1998)
  • Run a soundsystem featuring school age DJs and MCs at the Brick Lane festival (1999).
They are currently working with several local councils to teach DJ and VJ
skills to socially excluded teens and support them in putting on their own

atmospheric engineering