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Andrew Beck

Andrew is Raya's resident archaeologist of vinyl spinning rare 45s and 12s from 40 years of underground music from northern soul, ska and reggae to jazz, electro and old school jungle. He also puts together the raya slide shows featuring a heady mix of pop culture and politics in a celebration of love, life and resistance. He has played and showed his work at the critically acclaimed 'whistlebump' night, the enchanted garden festival, the cultures of resistance  / reclaim the streets festival, the shoreditch electricity showrooms, with purple banana at the Raha mixed media nights and at his own highly rated 'mono-media' soul boy and scooter kid weekly in south London. He also works with guest artists to plan and develop the ever-changing raya visual show.

Jeff Brown

Jeff studied at the University of Westminster and gained a B.A.Honours Degree in Mixed Media Arts and a Masters Degree in Design and Media Arts. He works mainly in video and occasionally branches out into photography. In December 1997 he was involved with a group of International artists who put on a 4 day event at the Colosseum theatre in Dalston, London. This was followed with a group exhibition of mixed media artists at St Pancras Chambers in June 1998. He has shown and spoken about his work at the ICA in London. Jeff has been a regular contributer to Raya events for the last 3 years. He is often to be found with his video camera on the streets documenting collective celebration and struggle providing footage for the groups multi-media events. During the week he can be found teaching video production and IT skills to 17/18 year olds within further education.

Simon Green

Simon is Raya's resident headancing dj. Spinning contemporary and historical electronica, soul, funk and all points in between, he's happiest playing to an open-minded crowd with an ear on the interesting. He has played at the enchanted garden festival, the cultures of resistance / reclaim the streets festival, the institute of contemporary arts, the shoreditch electricity showrooms, the brick lane festival, with purple banana at the Raha mixed media nights and at the highly respected Triology underground parties. He has performed at many international venues including taipei (taiwan), rotterdam (holland), barcelona (spain), krakow
(poland) and naxos (greece). Simon is a skillful vj (visual jockey), video film maker and photographer. He co-ordinates most of Raya's education workshops often in partnership with local authority youth groups and education services. These workshops can include dj'ing, video, multi-media, photography, graphic design, marketing, stage management, event planning and communications. He also works relentlessly behind the scenes organising and co-ordinating our own events as well as networking and searching for fresh projects on behalf of the crew.

Nick Hillel and Marc Silver

nick hillel and marc silver have been collaborating together since the summer of 1999.  starting out in television documentaries, they conceived, shot, directed and edited 3 x 50min documentaries for channel 4 and a 40 min documentary for BBC2 news and current affairs in 2000.  Whilst these films were in production marc and nick were also running experimental and socially aware / political film nights and projecting visuals in art galleries, clubs and festivals around the UK.  This has led to music videos, world tours, DVD¹s and installations with artists as diverse as michael nyman, cirque du soleil, nitin sawhney and courtney pine.  

Dave Parkin

A backroom Raya engineer, who also looks after music archives of raya DJ sets and is currently figuring out how to post-produce rayavision film projects. Dave is not a DJ (if he were a musician he would play good notes in semi-random order) but likes to play records of "top drawer eclecticism and exploratory music", persuaded recently to take to the decks at Raya events after years of resistance.

Chico Andrew Stockwell

Chico has been working with Raya since 2001. A graduate of The University of Westminster, his documentary work has been shown at the Latin American Film Festival in London, and The ICA. Has made work for Theatre de Complicite and The RSC in Stratford including a film installation shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. Started doing Club visuals with Super 8 and 16mm as well as backdrops in various obscure venues around London. Worked and exhibited with many Artists and DJ’s in London and Brazil including Groove Tec in Rio de Janeiro.

Armand Terruli

Armand has been involved creatively in the club/party scene since the early eighties starting with Clubterranean in Leeds (bastard grandfather of the Medicine Bar) and the legendary Head club in Camden, laying down psychedelic visuals to early gigs from the likes of Stereolab and Gallon Drunk, and putting on lush house parties to drool over. Realising there was more to life than a Solar 250, he lost himself to architecture and exhibition design, learning how to create amazing spaces and controlling emotions through form and light., culminating with galleries at the National Maritime Museum, an exhibition at the Lisbon Expo 1998 and the Faith Zone at the Dome. Raya invited Armand to show his particular blend of global timelapsed cine outings at the ICA in 1998 and the creative/artistic association was made. With partner Lisa, Raya Design and Architecture was formed in 1999 to cement their passion for 3D design and give the Raya co-operative an additional outlet. The design and implementation of the Club Tent and its environs at Big Chill Enchanted Garden 1999 was an early highlight. Nowadays, Armand concentrates on VJing and sharing his passion for visuals with his firstborn Sonny who makes regular appearances on the silver screen.

Mark Williams

Mark looks after raya press releases, publicity and flyer design.

As a DJ and musician Mark has played at many and various events & venues including Return to the Source at Brixton Academy, Open, Epping Forest Country Club, ICA, Ocean, Soho Festival, Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms, Crawley Arts Centre & the Dogstar. He has run a monthly Sunday comedown session at Frevd Gallery in London, released a 12” single on his own label and is currently working on new material for release soon.

Mark’s raya cd mix album “Come Home Safe” is available here

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